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The effects of cocaine addiction create problems for you, your family, and society. The only way out is through a woman waiting to learn about cocaine addiction treatmentcocaine addiction treatment in Las Vegas. In cocaine addiction treatment, you work with doctors and counselors experienced in addiction medicine to end the cycle of dependence. It takes courage and commitment. But take hope in knowing that millions have turned their lives around through treatment.

Consider cocaine addiction treatment in Las Vegas from Las Vegas Recovery Center. We provide treatment for a range of addictions including alcohol and drugs, as well as pain management support.

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is a drug that comes from the leaves of coca plants, often grown in humid climates such as South America. It is considered a stimulant. This means it accelerates the activities of the central nervous system.

Today, cocaine is a strictly regulated narcotic. It is on the government’s Schedule II list, highlighting its potential for abuse. But cocaine also has some limited uses medical treatment, such as a local anesthetic in certain surgeries.

After many decades of struggle, cocaine is still widely abused in the United States. It is dangerously addictive and acts on your brain chemicals to cause a feeling of well-being and even euphoria.

Unfortunately, you can quickly become dependent on cocaine for that sensation and find yourself in a downward spiral caused by cocaine addiction. If that should happen, it’s time to consider cocaine addiction treatment.

Cocaine Addiction Treatment

Any form of substance abuse is a complex disease that poses significant problems for the individual and their family. The effects can be devastating. Stepping down from cocaine requires the professional assistance of cocaine addiction treatment. Each person’s experience is different, but cocaine addiction treatment generally consists of:

  • Health assessment, where doctors do a complete medical and psychological workup.
  • Planning, where the information from that workup is funneled into a comprehensive roadmap for care.
  • Detox, which involves tapering off the cocaine under the supervision of health care providers who address withdrawal.
  • Counseling, in individual and group formats, where you explore your past and build coping skills for life’s difficulties.

Cocaine addiction treatment requires hard work from everybody involved in the recovery process. For more information about cocaine addiction treatment in Las Vegas, contact one of our counselors today.

After Treatment Ends

Treatment doesn’t end when you exit the rehab center, unfortunately. Addiction is a disease that can only be controlled but is never cured. In the same way that cancer can come back, so too can a cocaine addiction.

There are ways to lower the risk of this happening. People who emerge from cocaine addiction treatment are offered resources in the aftercare stage to keep relapse at bay.

You and your doctors will determine the aftercare that’s right for you. Generally, it involves additional periods of ongoing counseling. It also may involve participation in 12-step anonymous programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Evidence over the years has proven that the support of peers, people who have been through the same issues, is vital in helping someone stay sober.

Get Treatment for Cocaine Addiction at Las Vegas Recovery Center

Cocaine is a drug that has caused misery in the United States in epic proportions for decades. The only way for an individual to break the cycle is through cocaine addiction treatment. Consider Las Vegas Recovery Center for your treatment partner. Las Vegas Recovery Center supports individuals suffering from substance abuse and chronic pain. We offer a full range of treatment environments, including full and partial hospitalization programs and outpatient care. Our Center is unique because we also offer treatment and tools for long-term pain management. Our holistic approach will have you looking forward to a brighter future, filled with promise. Stop the cycle of dependence. Contact us for cocaine addiction treatment in Las Vegas. Call Las Vegas Recovery Center at 844.332.2076 today for an initial appointment.