Las Vegas Recovery Center for pain recovery offers chronic pain management services to clients throughout our extensive continuum of care. Our nationally recognized Inpatient Pain Recovery Program is a gold-standard for the treatment of individuals struggling with chronic pain issues. Clients transitioning into our Intensive Outpatient Program, or IOP, continue to receive expert pain recovery services designed around their unique needs as they return to work, home and school. To complete our service menu, we also provide Outpatient Recovery Services to individuals with opioid pain medication addiction. We encourage you to explore our Pain Outcome Reports to see the evidence-proven benefits of taking part in LVRC’s chronic pain treatment services.

Our Chronic Pain Management Center and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Services

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, chronic pain issues affect more Americans than diabetes, coronary heart disease, stroke or cancer. Chronic pain, by definition, is pain that lasts more than six months. Persistent pain negatively impacts people of all ages. Without professional guidance, many individuals with chronic pain become dependent on opiates. Our chronic pain management center and Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) integrates substance dependence therapy with ongoing chronic pain specific programming so that individuals can successfully shift toward chronic pain recovery. Recovery from chronic pain requires the right treatment, at the right time, implemented in the right way. This is what the continuum of care at LVRC’s chronic pain treatment center is all about, and why most individuals will transition from a higher level of care (inpatient) to increasingly less structure and more autonomy (outpatient). Recovery resiliency is strongest when developed in this way.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP):

  • Eight weeks in duration
  • Three evenings each week, for three hours per night (includes both individual and group therapy)
  • Designed so clients can return to work, school and family obligations while still receiving essential recovery treatment and pain management skill consolidation
  • Clients generally live at home or in a recovery supportive residence
  • Integrates many components of our Inpatient Pain Recovery Program
  • Includes family support and participation (chronic pain issues impact the entire family)

Additional available holistic pain management services include chiropractic treatment, massage therapy, acupuncture, reiki, yoga and physical therapy. These important supportive options are outside the IOP fees, and are the responsibility of the patient. Most services are available from the same professionals that treat our inpatient clients.

Outpatient Pain Management Services

Many clients with chronic pain transition from a higher level of care into outpatient pain management services. In some cases an individual suffering from chronic pain and opioid painkiller dependence can begin their initial treatment in the outpatient setting. Clients with chronic pain work closely with their therapist on the schedule that best supports their current commitments and clinical needs, utilizing our evidence-based Pain Recovery Program as a unifying framework.

What to Expect at LVRC’s Chronic Pain Treatment Center

Because of the escalating epidemic of opioid painkiller misuse in the United States, LVRC was proactive over ten years ago in developing our unique, evidence-based approach to chronic pain management. We focus on reducing pain levels and restoring function in our clients without the use of opioids. Prior to admission to LVRC’s center for pain recovery, an intake clinician will do a complete history and assessment. If necessary, a client will receive treatment for pain pill withdrawal upon admission to our inpatient chronic pain recovery center. Detox from pills must be done under medical supervision, since pain medication often creates physical and psychological dependency. We provide safe detox for anyone who has undergone long-term opioid therapy. While most clients with significant opioid use histories first require a detox and inpatient stay, we’ll work closely with you to determine the best initial level of care for you or your loved one’s specific needs. Understanding what pain management is for each individual and family is part of LVRC’s respectful, client-centered approach. If you are interested in touring our treatment center, please call [phone].