Our philosophy is clinical excellence and customer service. Clients see this approach reflected in the level at which we involve our clients’ families and/or loved ones in recovery, making us a truly unique and effective program. Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC) has the ability to focus on individualized care since we are a relatively small pain treatment center. Pain Recovery is grounded in balancing the individual physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This framework creates awareness of the aspects of oneself that when unbalanced lead to problems in life. The “Four Points of Balance” concept is used to help people identify the areas where imbalance has caused unmanageability in their lives and with their families. Finding recovery requires paying attention to every point and the effect each has on the others. Additionally, a person’s relationships and actions are a reflection of his or her internal state of balance. Chronic pain is a manifestation of imbalance, typically physical, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual. Developing an awareness of the points and applying the necessary corrections to bring them back into balance is where the solutions to chronic pain and other life challenges lie. As a result of finding balance in Pain Recovery, a person’s pain levels often diminish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9f5AdVTey0

At Our Center for Pain Treatment, We Emphasize Pain Recovery vs. Pain Management

Pain management typically involves the use of opiate medications. Painkillers can be quite effective in temporarily diminishing pain, but for some people there is a risk of developing serious side effects and drug dependency. Over time, use of opiate pain medication may be increased but the individual is still without a prolonged pain resolution. For these individuals, the dose continues to escalate with continued unrelenting pain and decreasing function. Our center for pain treatment provides safe detoxification for clients who have been on long-term opiate therapy and/or other habit-forming medications. As our clients have anxiety regarding withdrawal from pain pills and subsequent pain rebound, our goal is to minimize discomfort during and after detox. Clients then begin treatment to address their physical and emotional pain. The multidisciplinary team at our center for pain treatment will review a potential pain recovery candidate to determine whether we are the appropriate facility for that client. Las Vegas Recovery Center is proud to introduce the concept of Pain Recovery, which helps clients by reducing the physical symptoms and teaching them how to manage suffering. If you have been researching chronic pain treatment centers to find a solution to your and/or your loved one’s pain problems, call us to discuss how we can help.

Our Inpatient Chronic Pain Treatment Center

Our pain treatment center offers an integrated suite of evidence-based therapies for the treatment of chronic pain. Our experience shows that holistic pain management services that combine a number of carefully developed clinical and naturopathic modalities offers the best chances for optimum outcome. Las Vegas Recovery Center is a privately owned and freestanding state-of-the-art facility situated in a safe and secure area near the base of the beautiful Spring Mountains in northwest Las Vegas, Nevada. The secluded suburban location offers privacy, confidentiality, and tranquility in an intimate setting designed specifically for individuals who are in the discovery phase of their journey toward recovery. LVRC offers private and semi-private accommodations with comfortable rooms and community areas, including a cheerful communal dining room and an open courtyard with a view of Las Vegas’ beautiful surrounding mountain ranges. If you are interested in touring our treatment center, please call [phone].