As we design each client’s individualized treatment plan, we consider TENS pain relief as an option because it is portable, noninvasive, and nonaddictive. A transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation unit (also known as a TENS unit) is a small electrical device that can be worn or carried. Individuals wear electrode pads attached to the device on areas of the body where affected nerves are located; electrical currents are conducted from the TENS device through the skin to the nerves. The electrical pulses control pain signals in the body, which is what causes the temporary or sometimes even permanent relief. The device can subdue abnormally excited nerves and release endorphins. Individuals can control the amount of current coming from a TENS unit, and most use them for about fifteen minutes at a time. There’s no limit to how often a TENS unit can be used. Many of the clients in our pain treatment program report decreased pain with the use of a TENS unit, though not all clients experience the same level of relief.

Some Clients Report Permanent Results after Using TENS for Pain Relief

Using TENS for pain relief is considered safe. The LVRC clinical staff makes sure that our clients find the proper comfort level with TENS units and that they know how to use them. The units can be used during our pain treatment program, and we send some of our client’s home with them. The good news is that some clients experience permanent pain relief after prolonged use of the TENS unit. However, the effectiveness depends on the condition being treated and the intensity of the treatment, and permanent relief is not necessarily common. Research on the effectiveness of TENS units is far from conclusive and results vary, but our experience shows that whether individuals use TENS for pain management or for our own orientation of TENS pain recovery, it is an option that should be considered. For more information on TENS pain relief, please call Las Vegas Recovery Center today.