Our treatment plans may recommend that clients use acupuncture for pain relief. This ancient Chinese medical practice, thousands of years old, is based on the Eastern philosophy that the body is a unified unit—a whole system with an expansive network of interconnected parts. If one part of the body is affected, all of the other parts are also affected. When the life force within the body—called “chi” in Chinese—is blocked along the meridians through which it flows, an imbalance can occur, causing a domino effect, where various parts of the body display physical symptoms. Needles inserted through the skin into areas of the meridian stimulate blocked chi and facilitate its flow, so that balance is restored. This alternative form of pain treatment is in alignment with the LVRC philosophy of finding and treating the origin of pain, rather than treating the symptoms alone.

Many Benefits to Using Acupuncture for Chronic Pain

Pain in the back, shoulders, and neck are the most common uses of acupuncture for chronic pain. It is also often used for severe headaches and the pain that comes with osteoarthritis. This treatment modality has proven to be safe, with few, if any, side effects. For clients interested in a holistic approach to pain treatment, in which addictive painkillers are not prescribed, acupuncture offers a healthy alternative. In addition to treating pain, acupuncture is used to treat dry mouth, insomnia, anxiety and depression, and a host of other medical conditions. It is especially effective when used in combination with additional treatments and may be part of the customized, well-balanced plan of treatment established for LVRC clients.

How Acupuncture for Pain Is Administered and Used

Acupuncture pain relief can be very effective and involves the use of disposable, stainless steel needles about the thickness of a human hair, which are inserted into the skin at acupoints determined by the acupuncturist to be the areas requiring treatment. The acupuncturist may move the inserted needles up, down, or around at different speeds and depths. Most clients receiving acupuncture for their pain have reported that the treatment is essentially painless with little discomfort. There are a variety of forms of acupuncture that include electro-acupuncture, laser, and microwave acupuncture; it will be up to you, your physician, and your acupuncturist to determine the most effective method for your particular situation. At LVRC, acupuncture is usually a weekly treatment. Sometimes pain relief comes immediately, but sometimes repeated visits are necessary in order to gain long-lasting results. You’re in competent hands when using an acupuncturist recommended in an LVRC treatment plan. Licensed acupuncturists in Nevada are required to attend a four-year, accredited program, and they must obtain continuing education credits to retain their licenses.