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a group therapy session talking about veteran addiction treatment programLas Vegas Recovery Center’s veteran addiction treatment program, TRIBE, offers specialized treatment plans to help veterans with substance use disorder, co-occurring chronic pain, and mental health issues. We understand that veterans have different experiences with addiction and mental health than many others struggling with dependency. Because of this, veterans need a program specifically geared towards their needs and approaching treatment and healing from their unique perspective. Our trauma-informed, individualized treatment teaches coping skills to address the strains associated with service-related stress, grief, loss, trauma, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and the struggles experienced in transition into civilian life. Our team of professionals consults with national organizations and focus groups to ensure that our programming meets veterans’ needs.

Veteran Addiction Treatment Program

Millions of veterans find themselves struggling with PTSD or other trauma due to service. PTSD can lead to dangerous or self-destructive tendencies, including alcohol abuse and drug abuse. Substances are often abused as a form of self-medicating to deal with PTSD, trauma, depression, or anxiety. Unfortunately, this can lead to dependency or addiction, allowing an individual’s mental health condition to worsen. It can create a vicious cycle that damages the individual’s health and the lives of those around them like their family and loved ones.

TRIBE’s inpatient, residential addiction treatment ensures veterans access to the right care at the right time. Our experts at Las Vegas Recovery Center designed programs that provide the care necessary to ensure the entire person is treated. We offer a variety of services and therapeutic modalities, ensuring co-occurring mental health issues are treated. Veterans who are not dealing with ongoing health issues can access our residential program to receive the therapy that will build a strong recovery-oriented lifestyle. Veterans will have the opportunity to participate in veteran-specific treatment groups and specialized therapy sessions with their peers.

Another option is our outpatient treatment program. Most of our veterans begin outpatient care once residential treatment is complete, and the program can vary in intensity depending on what the individual’s needs are. We also understand that having a detailed post-treatment transition plan is essential to maintain recovery. After treatment, we refer clients to the Las Vegas Recovery Center Alumni Association to serve as a bridge from treatment to life in long-term recovery. This gives individuals the resources and support they need to make their recovery lasting and successful. Our aftercare program provides participants a safe environment to discuss the issues they are facing throughout their recovery.

Mental Health Treatment

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) isn’t the only condition veterans may struggle with when returning to civilian life. Depression and anxiety disorders are frequent mental health issues, as well. Depression is more than merely feeling sad. It can include irritability, anger, and rage, and severely disrupt all aspects of daily living. Veterans are much more likely to experience episodes of depression than those who have never served. Therefore, Las Vegas Recovery Center understands every veteran must receive the proper evaluation, so a treatment plan meeting their unique needs can be developed, implemented, and continually evaluated for effectiveness.

Las Vegas Recovery Center

TRIBES may be our veteran-specific treatment program to address chronic pain, substance use disorder, or other mental health issues, but here at Las Vegas Recovery Center, we offer all levels of care for veterans, including:

TRIBE treatment plans extend beyond just the veteran. We also include specific treatment for family and loved ones. We’ve created a very special and unique program specifically for families and supporters of our clients. Our Family Renewal Program is a four-day intensive workshop that comes at no cost to loved ones of our clients designed to give family and supporters the tools to cope with substance use disorders, trauma, and chronic pain. To learn more about TRIBES and our other programs, reach out to us today at 844.332.2076.