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a man talking to his doctor about residential treatment programWe understand that many people seeking help for their drug or alcohol problems would prefer not to go into a residential treatment center because it means leaving their families and loved ones at a difficult time. The decision is not easy, and it raises many questions and concerns. We ask that those seeking treatment be honest with their situation: is it possible to quit the consumption of drugs or alcohol in one’s current environment? Many can’t just stop their use without continuous support in a clinically managed environment for an extended period. With a structured daily routine, along with support from professional staff and those facing the same challenges, individuals may have a better chance of finding recovery in a residential treatment center.

Why Choose Residential Treatment?

Residential drug treatment is recommended after completing medical detox. It also works well for those who would best benefit from a 24/7 clinically managed environment for the cessation of drug or alcohol use. A structured living routine with little downtime provides stability and overrides cravings that may emerge during treatment. By living with others in a community, accountability is established, along with clear boundaries. These are skills that enhance the chances of long-term recovery after leaving treatment.

Addiction is an isolating disease. Some are afraid to seek treatment for fear of judgment and guilt. But in a residential setting, everyone shares the challenges of addiction and the victories of recovery. Staff and residents are in the process together, and a tight and supportive community forms. Facilitated by professionals, individuals learn how to set and keep boundaries, make commitments, and take responsibility for their living situation. Also, by focusing strictly on recovery, those in residential treatment can learn how to establish healthy routines and develop positive attitudes without the pressures of friends, family, work, or school.

Las Vegas Recovery Center

Residential treatment can be an excellent way for someone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction to address and heal from the disease. It allows individuals to stay focused on their treatment in a safe environment where triggers and temptations are held at bay. Residential treatment is part of the continuum of care here at Las Vegas Recovery Center. Individuals can progress through our treatment programs or enter into a particular program if our comprehensive evaluations show they best fit their needs. For instance, we offer the following addiction treatment programs:

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