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a woman talking to her doctor about partial hospitalization programOften, when individuals visualize what a rehab program looks like, they imagine a residential facility or an outpatient clinic. However, there are other types of programs that treat addiction between the two poles of inpatient and outpatient care. One of these types of treatment is a partial hospitalization program or PHP. This kind of program can be thought of as a middle ground between inpatient and outpatient treatment. During the day, you work through the various treatment methods of inpatient rehab. But at night, you leave the center and retire to a separate sober living facility or your own home.

Las Vegas Recovery Center offers partial hospitalization as part of a stepped approach to rehabilitation. Individuals can move progressively through our treatment programs or find the program that best fits their unique needs.

What a Partial Hospitalization Program Entails

Part of the continuum of care offered at Las Vegas Recovery Center, a partial hospitalization program, is usually preceded by medically supervised detox. Individuals who enter a PHP have frequently already completed a residential inpatient treatment program. This program is designed to provide clients with structure and accountability as they heal from drug or alcohol addiction. It is a means to make the transition back to everyday life and get the added support necessary should individuals feel that they aren’t quite ready to be entirely on their own after treatment.

In a PHP, individuals come to our facility at set times built around their schedule to receive the same high-quality therapies offered in resident treatment. For instance, individuals participate in individual therapy, group therapy, and family therapy, among other services. Partial hospitalization allows individuals to return to their home or sober living facility after treatment, providing them a means to practice what they’ve learned while still having support should they struggle or not feel confident on their own.

Benefits of Partial Hospitalizations

In a PHP, individuals struggling with drug or alcohol addiction learn healthy coping mechanisms, how to identify and avoid triggers, and apply the skills they learn in real life and get feedback in treatment. It is an ideal way to practically work through substance use disorder and adjust treatment based on real-world experiences.

Thus, clients can improve their skills dealing with triggers, cravings, and issues arising from work, the office, home, or school. It is also an ideal program for individuals whose daily routine, work responsibilities, or family obligations demand more freedom than what is provided through other treatment programs. Las Vegas Recovery Center’s PHP is a good fit when individuals are making the transition back to everyday life through a sober living home or program.

Las Vegas Recovery Center

Our partial hospitalization program is just one of the programs available at Las Vegas Recovery Center. We offer a complete continuum of care that includes:

  • Detox Program: Medically supervised detox for drug or alcohol addiction allows individuals to work through withdrawal symptoms in a safe, secure environment where they can get the treatment they require to heal.
  • Residential or Inpatient Rehab: For people recovering from a moderate to severe drug or alcohol addiction, residential treatment provides twenty-four-hour support seven days a week as clients work through their treatment plan.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): Our intensive outpatient program assists those who have completed detox and inpatient rehab or have been identified as candidates for direct admission.
  • TRIBE: Our unique veteran-focused treatment program offers specialized plans to help veterans with substance use disorder, co-occurring chronic pain, and mental health issues.

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