Discover Recovery Residency Las Vegas Recovery Center is proud to introduce The Rehmar Recovery Residences as we continue our tradition of excellence in providing a full continuum of addiction treatment care. Recovery from addictive disorders has many stages. Whether you are in early recovery or just completing inpatient or residential treatment, returning home can be a challenging endeavor. Our new recovery residences provide a safe and stable environment to ensure that individuals can continue on their recovery journey. Our gender-specific residences are uniquely designed and managed to maintain an atmosphere of safety and security while allowing individuals to transition back into society. We offer a supportive living setting that includes regular monitoring, supervision, and recovery support services for any stage of recovery. Bobby’s House This men’s recovery residence is dedicated to the life’s work of Robert “Bobby” Rehmar. For over three decades, Mr. Rehmar worked tirelessly and selflessly to carry the message of recovery to those suffering from the disease of addiction. He was a committed member of Narcotics Anonymous and passionate about recovery. He brought that passion to his life’s work in the field of addiction treatment. Mr. Rehmar’s love of and compassion for those suffering with addiction often motivated him to offer individuals new to recovery a place to stay in his home. He and his wife, Sydney, not only opened their home to people looking for recovery; they also opened their hearts. It is with that same spirit that we honor him with Bobby’s House. Mr. Rehmar sadly left our lives in January of 2008. It is our mission to carry on his belief in, and love for, every recovering individual. Sydney’s House Like Bobby, Sydney Rehmar contributed nearly three decades of her life to assist hundreds, if not thousands, of women find and maintain recovery. Her contributions to Narcotics Anonymous will never be forgotten. She too felt compelled to provide a safe environment for those in early recovery. Alongside Bobby, their home was opened many times for those in need. That love and support was often the catalyst for many to maintain a life of recovery. Mrs. Rehmar sadly left our lives in December of 2005. It is our wish that Sydney’s House embodies all of her qualities and maintains her legacy as a woman in long-term recovery. Program Amenities Length of stay in any one of the Rehmar Recovery Residences varies. We ask that you commit to at least a one-(1) month stay. An average length of stay is four (4) months, but can exceed twelve (12) months. The length of stay with us depends on a number of factors. Each home is equipped to house eight (8) residents. Bedrooms range from private to semi-private, and semi-private suite with attached bathroom. Each residence has been recently remodeled to provide the most comfortable home-like environment. Bobby’s House and Sydney’s House are located in an upscale community near our main treatment center. Amenities include, but are not limited to:

  • Wi-Fi Network
  • Cable and Flat Panel TV
  • Utilities
  • Local Phone Service
  • Pool (Sydney’s House)
  • Private and Semi-Private Accommodations Available
  • Full Kitchen, Cookware and Dining Utensils
  • Laundry and Cleaning Products
  • Linens
  • Transportation to Outpatient and Day Treatment Programs
  • Access to Peer and Recovery Support Services
  • Easy access to bus lines

Program Structure Our residences maintain a safe and recovery-oriented atmosphere for up to eight (8) people. There are separate male and female homes. Trained staff manage each home and ensure each resident adheres to house rules. Residents will be asked to attend biweekly house meetings to discuss any issues that may arise and foster communication between residents and staff. Twelve-step meeting attendance is mandatory to remain as a resident. We expect a minimum of five (5) twelve-step meeting per week. There are weekly house meetings with staff to discuss recovery progress, barriers, and house-related items. Every client must adhere to the curfew of 10:00 p.m., seven days a week unless prior arrangements are made. Typically these arrangements must be work-related. Each resident will be assigned chores during his or her stay. It is important to maintain your living space and common areas to maintain a comfortable environment, as well as the quality of the home. Medications Prescription narcotic medication or other medications that are shown to be habit-forming are not permitted. Any items that contain alcohol are not permitted. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Over the counter cold medications
  • Mouthwash
  • Alcohol products for preparing of meals

It is important to discuss any cold medication with your house manager. Some over-the-counter medications have unintended side effects that are not recommended for people in recovery. All other prescribed medication must be taken as prescribed. Residents are responsible for taking care of their own prescribed medication. Staff is to be informed about all medications. All medications are to be listed on our client medication records. At any time staff deems necessary, medications may be counted to confirm the accuracy of dosages taken. You will be held accountable for your medications so keep them in a secure location. Loss of medication or deviation from prescribed dosage will not be tolerated and will be grounds for residency termination. Monthly – Fees

  • Private – $800
  • Semi-Private w/ Bath – $750
  • Semi-Private- $700

Please contact our Admissions Counselors to discuss your family’s situation and to determine if you or a loved one is appropriate for one of The Rehmar Recovery Residences.  You can also look at each home in more detail at

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