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What Is Addiction Treatment? We believe treatment is the beginning of a new way of life. Statistics show that treatment works, and Las Vegas Recovery Center uses researched and tested methods to accomplish this goal. We are unlike other treatment facilities that often guide clients to participate in a single treatment modality. Instead, our focus of treatment is on the disease of addiction, which has many manifestations besides addictive substance use. We believe in the “discovery and recovery” process. Our approach is simple, straightforward, and successful. At Las Vegas Recovery Center, we offer clients the opportunity to participate in their own recovery and take an active role in the treatment process. This is an individualized and collaborative effort in which the client and staff–through a uniquely comprehensive approach–identify not only the problems that brought the client to treatment, but the many ways addiction manifests in the client’s life. Once we identify the problems, we formulate a specific treatment plan that targets the client’s needs. No two programs are alike. We believe this approach not only engages clients in addressing their disease of addiction, but also provides them with information so they can understand why they are seeking treatment. It is important to remember that recovery cannot be accomplished overnight. Clients must explore and discover problems, learn how to address these problems, and practice healthy solutions. This takes time. And this is why both inpatient chronic pain recovery treatment and are the most successful methods of treatment that we offer. Clients are in a safe and nurturing environment while in treatment, and it is in this type of environment that many positive lifestyle changes occur. If a client does not spend sufficient time to build an adequate recovery foundation and support network, then everyday challenges and lack of support will set the stage for acting on old behaviors and thought patterns, which can ultimately result in relapse. Back to Top What Happens During Addiction Treatment? Some clients may require detoxification prior to entering our inpatient rehabilitation program. Las Vegas Recovery Center is licensed to perform medically monitored withdrawal, which is administered in a safe, confidential, clinical environment that ensures the very least amount of discomfort. Las Vegas Recovery Center has expertise in detoxification from alcohol, opiates, and painkillers and is also one of the only programs with a methadone license in Nevada. This provides us with a unique ability to work with complicated cases. Even those clients who come to Las Vegas Recovery Center for detoxification only will benefit from participating in one of our treatment programs. Clients meet their primary counselor within seventy-two (72) hours of admission in order to develop an individualized treatment plan based on specific needs, problems, and goals. Our staff understands that the behavior caused by addiction or dependency is not a moral deficiency but rather a set of behaviors that can cause the pain, frustration, and humiliation many clients experience upon admission. After an intense medical and psychological evaluation, our clients enter into the appropriate inpatient program designed to meet that individual’s needs. This program includes specific counseling, education, and therapies provided by a competent and professional staff. Services typically include individual, group, and family counseling. Other services are available to enhance the treatment experience, such as physical therapy, Chi Kung, massage, yoga, and nutritional consultation. Our treatment plans are as individual as the clients for whom these plans are developed. However, we do incorporate various group sessions that help educate clients about addiction and/or dependency. Some of the other common aspects of our program include:

  • Helping clients identify thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and belief systems that are obstacles to navigating their way to a life free from active addiction.
  • Helping clients discover what did and did not work in the past.
  • Teaching clients about the effects of the disease of addiction and the recovery process.
  • Starting clients on their journey of establishing healthy relationships with others in recovery by attending twelve-step meetings and various social and recreational events.
  • Helping clients identify the effects their behavior has on family and loved ones.
  • Offering clients the opportunity to participate in a variety of enhanced recovery services such as Chi Kung, yoga, massage, and Reiki.

In essence, what happens in treatment is change. Our clients take a break from outside stressors and explore the reality of their current life circumstances as they chart a course for their future. This is what we refer to as the process. Back to Top How Is the Family Involved in Addiction Treatment? Watching a loved one in the destructive grip of addiction is agonizing and can leave family and friends feeling lost and confused. The support of family and friends plays a significant role in the treatment process. Our resident family therapist is dually licensed in marriage and family therapy and drug and alcohol counseling. She has extensive experience in assisting families affected by substance use and prepares them for the return of their loved one to a healthy family environment. There may be times during the client’s treatment when addressing the damages caused by his or her addictive behavior will need to be explored on a deeper level with family members. This can be an exceptionally healing exercise. If such a session is deemed necessary by the treatment team or the client requests it, family sessions can be arranged by the primary counselor. Back to Top What Happens After Addiction Treatment Treatment? It is our goal to have each and every client leave treatment experience. However, the completion of our inpatient treatment program does not mean clients can go back to their old way of living. Treatment is only the beginning of a change in lifestyle that must occur if the work we have done together is to last. During treatment, we introduce clients to the Twelve Steps of Narcotics Anonymous, including NA meeting attendance, and encourage them to find and work with a sponsor. This process is an extremely important and integral part of treatment and of the NA program. It is also essential for clients to continue with it after treatment. We also strongly recommend attending one of the outpatient programs offered at Las Vegas Recovery Center. Recovery is a lifelong process. We know that transition back into the community can be challenging and stressful, placing a great deal of pressure on everyone involved. To help ease this stress, we offer alumni meetings for our clients, in addition to meetings for family members and friends. Together we can achieve real recovery results that can help clients find freedom from active addiction. Back to Top