Living Situation The clinical staff will work with clients to finalize details of arrangements for the living situation to which they are returning and to coordinate referrals to other levels of care as appropriate. This will include discussions with clients’ family/significant others to reinforce established leverage; clarify and solidify expectations, boundaries, and goals; and develop a detailed plan to implement leverage and apply specific consequences in the event that clients do not follow through with the agreed upon recovery plan. Staff will also collaborate with clients to assess their plans for maintaining recovery after discharge and to modify and strengthen clients’ recovery plan as needed. If clients are considering or have been referred to a transitional living setting, staff will work with clients to gather information, narrow the selection, and finalize the details of those arrangements. Recovery Plan In preparation for discharge, it is essential to have a detailed and comprehensive recovery plan in place that has been developed with clinical staff, client, and family input. The recovery plan will address physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs, as well as follow-up treatment/aftercare, and NA or other twelve-step meetings, sponsorship, literature, etc. The client’s current level of motivation for making changes recommended to continue recovery will be assessed, and any barriers to making such changes will be addressed with the client and the client’s family at this time. The recovery plan will also include referral to the Las Vegas Recovery Center Alumni group. As appropriate, staff will arrange for clients to meet with Las Vegas Recovery Center Alumni and attend some Alumni group meetings to facilitate smooth transitioning. Referrals and other arrangements for follow-up treatment/aftercare will be finalized in advance of discharge. Clients will be given responsibility to participate directly in this process. Whenever possible, direct connection between clients and the Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) or other levels of care or services that clients will be attending will be arranged in advance of discharge from Las Vegas Recovery Center in order to help prepare clients for the next part of their journey in recovery.