At Las Vegas Recovery Center we strive to educate the public about the importance of family recovery. We have formed many strategic partnerships with grief counselors, psychologists, family and marriage counselors, the public defender’s office, the department of public safety, schools, professors, social workers and more in order to make our effective program more accessible to those who might otherwise not be familiar with our program and its benefits. We offer a free family recovery support group that is open to any family member seeking recovery. The group provides identification, support, and solutions by a trained family recovery counselor. It currently meets every Friday at 6:00 p.m. at 3321 North Buffalo Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89129 in Suite 101. Because Las Vegas Recovery Center understands that the success of an addict’s long-term recovery is heavily influenced by their family’s involvement in their recovery, we wave the cost for the entire family program if a family member is a client in treatment at our inpatient facility, Las Vegas Recovery Center, for up to two (2) family participants. If there are more than two family members attending, the cost is $550.00 per additional person. The program is open to all families interested in attending. If they do not have a loved one attending one of Las Vegas Recovery Center’s inpatient programs, the cost for Family Renewal Program is $550.00 for up to two (2) family participants, and $550 for each additional member.

What Should Families Expect from our Family Renewal Program?

Our four day Family Renewal Program is facilitated by Las Vegas Recovery Center’s award winning Medical Director, and author, Dr. Mel Pohl along with Dr. Rob Hunter and other highly experienced staff clinicians. During these four days, the staff educates and facilitates discussion with families about the disease of addiction, appropriate boundaries, effective communication, co-dependency, and enabling. Families who attend this program are provided with numerous tools to begin their own process of recovery and report that they find it extremely helpful.

How Much Does the Family Renewal Program Cost?

The total cost for the family program is $550.00 for 2 people. The participation fee for two family members is included in the cost of inpatient treatment at Las Vegas Recovery Center. All families of clients are strongly encouraged to attend Family Renewal Program.

Where is the Family Renewal Program?

To sign up or obtain further information on the family renewal program, please feel free to contact: Hortensia De Jesus 702-515-1373, ext. 324 3321 North Buffalo Drive Las Vegas, NV 89129

When Is The Next Family Renewal Program?