Often, by the time people start looking into drug addiction treatment programs, chances are there is little doubt that treatment is needed. The most common question at this point is “What type of treatment will best suit my or my loved one’s needs?” Inpatient drug treatment programs are statistically the most effective form of care since they provide clients with more time to discover recovery. This is why Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC) believes that any person struggling with substance use problems or disorders and who has no prior experience with an inpatient drug and alcohol program, will be best served in a thirty- (30) to ninety- (90) day inpatient setting followed by an outpatient program. They also will benefit from our unique holistic rehab program, which includes enhanced recovery services such as, yoga, massage, chiropractic care, physical therapy, and nutritional counseling.

Drug Treatment Programs: Outpatient Treatment

At LVRC, each of our drug treatment programs is designed with consideration for our clients and their families or loved ones. All of our clients will experience a targeted treatment program that includes specialized counseling, education and research-based best practices. We are dedicated to providing dignified and effective treatment of addiction for individuals and their families by offering a full continuum of addiction treatment services. Our goal is to foster a supportive environment that promotes awareness and understanding so that our clients may realize their potential and experience freedom from active addiction. Our innovative programs are based on building a firm foundation of recovery. Individual and group counseling are the core of all of our drug treatment programs. Group topics explore different aspects of the recovery process, such as spirituality, personal belief systems, grief and loss, healing resentments, values and beliefs, feelings and emotions, how to communicate effectively, and an introduction to twelve-step recovery.

Las Vegas Recovery Drug Treatment Programs: Detox

A client in one of our drug treatment programs may require medically monitored withdrawal. The key to successful detoxification is personalized assessment. This is accomplished by a multidisciplinary clinical treatment team and closely monitored by our expert medical and nursing staff under the supervision of our Medical Director, Mel Pohl, MD, FASAM. Medical treatment begins with a thorough evaluation by our medical staff. Blood will be drawn and analyzed for drug-induced medical complications, such as liver problems, blood count abnormalities, and other potential health issues. Individuals who are experiencing withdrawal need rest, proper nutrition, and especially fluid replacement. Medications are used to manage withdrawal in order to minimize symptoms and physical suffering while keeping the client safe. Depending on how long a drug stays in the system, some drug withdrawal may last longer. These types of drugs include (but are not limited to) Oxycontin or methadone. Las Vegas Recovery Center is Nevada’s only private treatment facility that is fully licensed by the DEA and equipped for medically monitored withdrawal from methadone. Our program offers individualized detoxification protocols that can include a variety of medications, including the short-term use of methadone or buprenorphine (Subutex) for opiate detoxification when indicated.