Once individuals have completed a detoxification process and inpatient treatment, they may wish to continue with our outpatient treatment center. An outpatient program provides the bridge between a life with substances and a new one free of drugs and alcohol. The LVRC outpatient program is designed to meet the needs of those who have recently completed inpatient treatment and are transitioning back to their homes and community. It also serves those who may not have completed an inpatient program but who demonstrate appropriate capacity to maintain abstinence without the safety and supervision of inpatient treatment. It is important to understand that outpatient recovery is designed for those who have a stable home environment along with a recovery support network in place, as well. Primary counselors work with clients; group sessions are also part of the program, and one night a week clients are asked to bring at least one loved one to Family Night. Participants must be free of substances twenty-four to forty-eight hours prior to starting group. If this means there will be withdrawal symptoms, a detox program must be completed first. https://www.youtube.com/embed/1VFWNfpMm54

12 Step Programs Augment Our Outpatient Addiction Treatment

At LVRC, outpatient substance use treatment is augmented by an appropriate 12 step program. We believe that 12 step programs are time-tested and proven to be successful, and we have witnessed the way they help clients maintain longer-term sobriety than those who do not participate in them. Twelve step programs provide an extension of the cognitive therapy provided by therapists and counselors during group and individual sessions, by helping clients deal with thought patterns in a healthy, positive way. In addition to dealing with the thought processes behind addiction, 12 step programs provide support and encouragement for long-term abstinence, and they encourage mindfulness techniques. If outpatient clients are resistant to 12-step support, we work with them to identify and resolve the blocks they may have in relation to 12 step recovery, and we guide them to healthy 12 step meetings. Our goal is to make sure an individual has all the tools he or she needs when leaving outpatient substance use treatment, which we believe includes participation in 12 step programs.

LVRC Outpatient Treatment Center Encourages Family Involvement

The long-term recovery of our clients is our top priority at the Las Vegas Recovery Center outpatient treatment center. Studies show that family involvement during and after outpatient addiction treatment is critical for positive long-term outcomes. That’s why we encourage all families of Las Vegas Recovery Center clients to be involved in the recovery of their loved ones. One way to show support and learn the ropes of after-care is for families to attend our Family Renewal Treatment Program. Families throughout the state of Nevada and across the nation have chosen to enroll their loved ones in our program, because of our unique level of emphasis on family involvement. We also treat families of clients enrolled in other treatment facilities, in order to assist them in establishing a long term recovery plan for their clients. The program includes regular contact between family members and the client, and help with understanding addiction dynamics, such as enabling and co-dependence, and how to best support loved ones on their new, substance-free path. When and Where:

  • Group sessions are held once a week at 5:30-7:00 P.M..
  • Group days for OP vary. Contact Admissions for the current available group days for OP
  • Clients will have an individual session once every other week.
  • There is a requirement to attend twelve-step meetings during treatment as well as to have a sponsor
  • Clients must be approved to enter directly into this level of care. A majority of our clients in this program have completed IOP.

[one_half]Las Vegas Office (CRLV) 3321 N Buffalo (near the intersection of Cheyenne & Buffalo – 89129) Mondays[/one_half] [one_half_last]Henderson (CRH) 600 Whitney Ranch Drive Ste A3 (near the intersection of Sunset and Stephanie – 89014) Thursdays[/one_half_last] Cost:

  • No insurance accepted at this time
  • Minimum 8 week program commitment
  • Additional weekly individual sessions are available at an added cost

Additional Details:

  • Random weekly drug screens
  • If client is referred by a therapist, psychologist, psychiatrist, family doctor, or the court system, client will be asked to sign a release of information allowing clinical staff to communicate with the referral source. .


OP Topics

  1. Balance Wheel/Recovery Lifestyles
  2. Making Amends
  3. Strengthening Spirituality
  4. The HOW of Recovery
  5. Grief and Loss
  6. Values
  7. Building Self-Esteem
  8. 8 Pieces of Paper
  9. Resentments
  10. Manifestations of Addiction
  11. Childhood Issues/Roles
  12. Feelings of Being Victimized

[/one_half] [one_half_last]

OP Family Topics

  1. Step 1
  2. Step 2
  3. Step 3
  4. Anger Management
  5. Gratitude & Perception
  6. Preparing for the Holidays