At Las Vegas Recovery, we believe that any person with problems using substances and/or suffers with substance use disorders who has no prior experience with a drug treatment center will be best served in a thirty- (30) to ninety- (90) day residential treatment setting. Residential treatment at our Las Vegas drug treatment center, also known as an inpatient program, are statistically the most effective form of care because they provide our clients and their families and loved ones with more time to discover recovery.

Drug Addiction Treatment Center: Outpatient Treatment

For those who have successfully completed their stay at LVRC’s drug addiction treatment center, we offer a follow-up outpatient program. This highly recommended outpatient program offers a smooth transition from an inpatient setting to a productive life of recovery. Our outpatient program provides a continuation of the curriculum offered in residential treatment, including counseling and workshops to ensure that the distractions in life do not put recovery in the backseat. New clients who require help with addressing their addiction, but are stable enough to benefit from outpatient treatment, can enroll at our drug rehab center on an outpatient basis, or they may want to step up a level to our intensive outpatient program. Both levels of outpatient treatment include individual and group counseling, immersion in twelve-step work and an introduction to the local twelve-step community, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), relapse prevention, and discussion of interpersonal and coping skills. Attention to our clients’ emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health is emphasized throughout the program. Additionally, we believe that family and loved ones can benefit from participation in treatment. They are often severely affected; though, like the person suffering from addiction, they may be the last to recognize the extent of their own trauma.

Drug Treatment Center: Medically Monitored Withdrawal

A client at our drug treatment center may require detox. The key to successful detoxification is personalized assessment. This is accomplished by a multidisciplinary clinical treatment team and closely monitored by our expert medical and nursing staff under the supervision of our Medical Director, Mel Pohl, MD, FASAM. Medical treatment begins with a thorough evaluation by our medical staff. Blood will be drawn and analyzed for drug-induced medical complications, such as liver problems, blood count abnormalities, and other potential health issues. Individuals who are experiencing withdrawal need rest, proper nutrition, and especially fluid replacement. Medications are used to manage withdrawal in order to minimize symptoms and physical suffering while keeping the client safe. Some drug withdrawal may last longer if the drugs are those that stay in the system longer (for example, Oxycontin or methadone). Las Vegas Recovery Center is Nevada’s only private treatment facility that is fully licensed by the DEA and equipped for medically monitored withdrawal from methadone. Our program offers individualized detoxification protocols that can include a variety of medications, including the short-term use of methadone or buprenorphine (Subutex) for opiate detoxification when indicated.