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a group therapy program at alcohol and drug rehab programLas Vegas Recovery Center is a nationally-recognized treatment provider certified by the Joint Commission, offering a complete continuum of care for anyone in need of an alcohol and drug rehab program. From detox through to aftercare, we can provide you or a loved one with the treatment necessary to identify triggers, learn new and healthy coping mechanisms, and overcome addiction.

Getting the Help Necessary

Here at Las Vegas Recovery Center, we have personal experience with addiction recovery. Our founders and many of our staff members are in long-term recovery. Therefore, our first-hand experience with alcohol and drug addiction treatment fosters a genuine effort that both our clients and their loved ones can trust. But we don’t just treat addiction.

Individuals struggling with chronic pain, as well as co-occurring mental health issues, can find the support they need to heal. Through education, counseling, strength training, and meditation instruction, we help clients discover ways to recover from chronic pain without the use of addictive prescription pain medications. Because addiction rarely operates in a vacuum, we also offer services that treat the numerous mental disorders that co-occur with addiction, such as anxiety and depression.

The disease of addiction can be isolating. Often, individuals attempt to keep their dependency secret and may withdraw from friends and loved ones. A person suffering from addiction can find it impossible to imagine a future where they no longer use but finds it equally impossible to imagine a life of continued use. This is a turning point for many. There is hope through treatment. Las Vegas Recovery Center is ready to support you or a loved one and help heal from the disease of addiction.

The Alcohol and Drug Rehab Services We Offer

For many individuals, the first step in healing and recovery is detox. Medically managed detox is often necessary upon admission in order to physically stabilize clients. Dependency brings with it challenging and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, which often compel individuals to continue using drugs or alcohol. Detox offers a safe, confidential, and clinical environment that ensures the least amount of discomfort during addiction treatment. After an individualized evaluation, our clients enter into the appropriate addiction treatment program designed specifically for their needs. Our alcohol and drug rehab programs include:

  • Residential or Inpatient Rehab: Provides a safe environment for people who are in the process of recovering from a moderate to severe drug or alcohol addiction. This level of care can address most acute medical conditions, as well.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP): Allows clients to attend treatment from 9 am to 5 pm seven days a week and then return home or to a recovery residence in the evenings.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): We designed our intensive outpatient program to assist those who have completed detox and inpatient drug rehab or for those who have been identified as candidates for direct admission. For individuals who have a milder addiction or have relapsed and now need support to get back on the path to recovery, IOP can be an excellent option. Typically, IOP works best for those who have a stable home environment along with a recovery support network in place.
  • TRIBE: Our unique veteran-focused treatment program offers specialized plans to help veterans with substance use disorder, co-occurring chronic pain, and mental health issues.

Las Vegas Recovery Center

With a philosophy founded on clinical excellence and customer service, Las Vegas Recovery Center’s guiding purpose is to help individuals discover recovery through our carefully designed curriculum of evidence-based addiction treatment programs and recovery services. For many, we are able to restore lost happiness. For others, we help them find it for the first time.

Our beautiful campus in Southern Nevada is located a world away from the Las Vegas Strip in a residential community nestled against the stunning Red Rock mountains. Las Vegas Recovery Center offers a quiet and peaceful space for clients to focus on their mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Our alcohol and drug rehab programs use a wide range of therapies and treatments to help individuals find the right path to heal and recover. To learn more about our programs and who they can help you or a loved one, reach out to us today at 844.332.2076.