At Las Vegas Recovery Center (LVRC), we understand the important relationship between nutrition and addiction, and we make sure our clients understand it, too. One of the best ways to restore a mind and body affected by addiction is to establish a sound diet and healthy eating habits. Appropriate nutrition can help increase energy, address vitamin and mineral deficiencies, boost mental acuity, and maintain a way of life free of addiction. In fact, several empirical studies show that nutrition plays a definite role in helping individuals avoid relapse. To ensure that our clients reap these benefits, we educate them about proper dietary choices, provide them with a nutritional consultation that includes a complete review of medical and nutritional history, and help them establish a customized menu system. In this way, we reinforce our holistic approach by addressing all aspects of the person in our care, not simply the symptoms of addiction.

Nutrition and Addiction Are Closely Linked

Individuals with heart disease are often given diet modifications to address risk factors, and the same is true with those who are suffering from addiction. Poor eating habits that often accompany addictive behavior can cause deficiencies in vitamins and minerals, which can eventually cause damage to vital organs and to the immune and nervous systems. By analyzing an individual’s specific nutritional needs and adding the nutrients that are missing in his or her diet—through supplements or through specific foods—the physical body begins to heal. Studies show that moods are stabilized and memory restored with a sound diet. Changes in diet may also be a solution to the poor sleeping patterns typical with substance abuse. In order to manage risk factors like these, Las Vegas Recovery Center emphasizes the connection between nutrition and addiction recovery, providing clients with nutritious, delicious menu choices and appropriate caloric counts that will contribute to a new, healthy lifestyle.

Learning to Make Healthy Choices

There are many benefits to connecting nutrition and addiction recovery. The right foods can cleanse the addicted body of toxins that have accumulated over the years. Proper diet adds strength to the body, which increases stamina and the ability to take on more physical and mental challenges. The mind may be quicker as the brain is given proper fuel. Body image improves and self-esteem increases as individuals learn to take care of themselves and make healthy choices. But it’s not easy to change eating habits. Consistent practice of new dietary behaviors will be critical to success. Our nutritional experts encourage clients to take on the challenge of a new diet slowly, so that it becomes ingrained in the daily routine. This holistic approach to healing, which considers every aspect of the person in our care, is conducive to the maintenance of long-term recovery and the hallmark of LVRC treatment plans.