You’re looking for therapy, and we know that it is not an easy process. Many programs offer their clients promises without acknowledging your situation might be different than other clients’. At Las Vegas Recovery Center, we’re fully aware that recovery programs are not “one size fits all.” You might not feel comfortable in group therapy. Our individual therapy program in Las Vegas assures that you are heard and supported. Your life, your background, and your future are important to our professional staff. In many situations, privacy, individual attention, and limited distractions are important factors for a successful recovery.

Why Choose an Individual Therapy Program?

For many clients, the fear of judgment drives an addiction. While programs like our residential treatment program are widely successful, they can cause undue anxiety for others. We never want to begin recovery with unnecessary distractions. For those individuals, our individual therapy process can be far more effective.

a man undergoing individual therapy programSometimes, clients find privacy not just beneficial but necessary. Because of this, the individual therapy program at Las Vegas Recovery is intentionally private and segregated. While we do not see recovery and therapy as taboo, we are fully aware some of our patients have the concern of perception. If risking public perception is of the slightest concern, we want to ensure there is an option to minimize that risk while still maximizing the recovery and treatment process.

Another added benefit to our individual therapy program is it tackles the deepest of issues. Group therapy is beneficial in offering a long-term support system; however, it can sometimes allow for distractions or core-issues dodging. Even though addiction or substance abuse might be the surface problem, they are often provoked by underlying issues. Our staff will target pain points that could otherwise remain an issue for years to come with our individual therapy approach. Without treating these underlying issues, a relapse is greater. Here at Las Vegas Recovery Center, we want to offer a process of complete healing through therapy.

What to Expect from Individual Therapy

When arriving at Las Vegas Recovery Center, you can expect that each part of the process will be carried out with great intention. After a thorough assessment process, our experts will create a customized plan that will best support you through your treatment. Then, you’ll meet our team.

You will find that, in individual counseling sessions, clients are brought to an awareness of addictions’ nature. Therapists work to understand the root of the addiction and the great downfall of the addiction. This awareness provides the incentive to persevere through the treatment process. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) techniques are used to retrain the clients’ unhealthy responses to negative situations and triggers. This proven therapy is best practiced in individual therapy sessions.

Individual Therapy Program at Las Vegas Recovery Center

Located in northwest Las Vegas, we are nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood against the backdrop of the beautiful Red Rock Mountains. Las Vegas Recovery Center has developed a reputation as one of the world’s leading pain recovery centers and a top-tier substance abuse treatment facility. We provide comprehensive and customizable treatment for drug or alcohol addiction and pain management. Some of our specialized treatment programs include:

At Las Vegas Recovery Center, we fully understand that recovery is deeply personal. It’s a personal decision, it’s personal healing, and it’s a personal process. We want you to be comfortable in the process, but most of all, we offer you the utmost success in therapy.

To begin a successful recovery with our individual therapy program in Las Vegas, contact Las Vegas Recovery Center at 844.332.2076 and learn more about how we can help you or a loved one today.