The journey to overcome addiction looks different for each person. The program you need to recover needs to be just as unique as your addiction, and that’s why we run fully customizable programs at Las Vegas Recovery Center that put your needs first. Joining a group therapy program can be daunting, therefore we make it a point to help clients find their road to recovery. With that said, there’s a reason group therapy programs in Las Vegas are such a common image in the media, because it works.

What is Group Therapy?

Designed to not only help more people seek help sooner but enable addicts to support and inspire one another along the road to recovery, group therapy has proven to be extremely effective. A group therapy program will involve one or more therapists leading a group of up to twelve patients.people sitting in a circle attending a group therapy session

The treatment timeline can vary on a case-by-case basis, but it falls between six months and a year for most people. Within that broad definition, the sessions’ format can vary depending on who is leading and the topic discussed.

The group therapy program will match you to other patients whose journey complements yours. If you are struggling with addiction, especially if you’re in the area, the Las Vegas Recovery Center is an excellent place for a Las Vegas group therapy program.

Types of Group Therapy Program

Many people think that group therapy is the same as a support group. The two things crucially differ because trained professionals do not lead support groups; whilst they can be a useful part of recovery after treatment is over, they aren’t a replacement for real treatment. If you are in an outpatient treatment program, attending group therapy in Las Vegas, support groups can be a good supplement to your main treatment.

Whilst the general concept of group therapy is always the same, there are several different types of group therapy programs out there, including family therapy and couples counseling. Drug and alcohol addiction tends to be treated in peer-group counseling, which involves a group of peers who all struggle with similar problems working towards the common goal of recovery.

Group Therapy vs. Individual Therapy

Group and individual therapy are both effective addiction treatments. Whilst group and individual therapy programs are confidential, individual therapy’s nature means confidentiality is easier to maintain. The one-on-one nature of individual therapy can be preferable for those who struggle in group settings. By contrast, a group therapy program is more sociable and can help patients feeling isolated and alone in their addiction.

Group therapy offers a range of different perspectives and solidarity between patients absent in individual therapy programs. A group therapy program gives addicts a support network that understands their experiences. The experience helps patients relate to each other and form healthy bonds to help them on the road to long-term recovery.

Whilst individual therapy is a necessary part of healing, a group therapy program is also an important part of recovery for most patients.

Why Choose the Las Vegas Recovery Center?

The Las Vegas Recovery Center has developed a range of superb drug and alcohol addiction programs designed to fit the patients’ varying needs. As one of the leading drug and alcohol treatment facilities in the US, the Las Vegas Recovery Center is a fantastic choice for group therapy in Las Vegas. Treatment programs include:

If you, or someone you love, is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, and you think you need help, get in touch with us at 844.332.2076.