At Las Vegas Recovery Center, we know that entering recovery therapy can make you feel incredibly alone. While a family therapy programsometimes necessary, retreating from a problematic environment doesn’t always allow you to process and repair strained relationships. Unfortunately, addiction and substance abuse can destroy relationships with even your closest family.

Many times, even after personal therapy, those strained family relationships aren’t automatically healed. Las Vegas Recovery Center is now offering support in that area. With the family therapy program, the same family members who have struggled with, you can be a part of the healing process with you.

How the Family Therapy Program Helps

If you’re seeking therapy, your struggle has likely caused pain in your family’s life as well. Therefore, there is great benefit in working through the treatment process with those that love and care for you enough to fight with you. The family therapy program in Las Vegas offers education and understanding to the client and their family. Often, the family cannot comprehend the pain and struggle that the client has and continues to experience. Being a part of the therapy process allows them an insight into the treatment protocol and raises awareness of the core issues. It also allows family members to identify their own issues and seek appropriate support.

The client is also benefited by the controlled opportunity to share their own feelings. Addiction and substance abuse are never “simple.” Most often, there is a web of feelings that tie back to a core issue. Navigating that with other family members allows a more thorough healing process for our clients.

With the addition of the family therapy program, we have noticed that family relationships are stronger, and the risk of relapse is minimized. The family therapy program allows clients a built-in support system post-treatment. This support system is crucial to the long-term success of treatment.

Why Therapy Matters for Your Family

Therapy is crucial to overcoming an inner battle and developing healthy coping mechanisms. Unfortunately, addiction and substance abuse are never just inward. They can be detrimental to the most devoted and sincere loved ones. Las Vegas Recovery Center has an exceptional treatment staff. They remain devoted to seeing clients and their families recover. They know that managing the distress caused by life will be a group effort.

With proven therapy techniques, we can support families through the hardest times of their lives. These techniques will establish boundaries, raise awareness, and promote positive coping mechanisms for the entire family. Because of this, our clients who take part in the family therapy program are less likely to return home, harboring self-criticism. The family will also be less likely to be resentful or struggle with self-blame. We recommend every client take part in our family therapy if applicable to their family dynamics.

Las Vegas Recovery Center

Located in northwest Las Vegas, we are nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood against the beautiful Red Rock Mountains’ backdrop. Las Vegas Recovery Center has developed a reputation as one of the world’s leading pain recovery centers and a top-tier substance abuse treatment facility. We provide comprehensive and customizable treatment for drug or alcohol addiction and pain management. In addition to family therapy, we’re proud to offer other programs, including:

At Las Vegas Recovery Center, we hope to see even more families strengthened by the therapy program. If you are a part of a family that has been broken by addiction, allow us to support you in the healing process. To gain that support today, contact Las Vegas Recovery Center at 844.332.2076 and ask about our family therapy program in Las Vegas.