An array of alcohol and drug addiction counseling services at LVRC help our clients through the life changes inherent in recovery. The types of counseling we employ vary, from consultation with nutritional experts to family counseling and talk therapy that uses the cognitive behavioral approach. We employ individual counseling, but we especially stress the importance of peer challenge and support during group therapy, which is facilitated by LVRC counselors experienced in addiction therapy. Family drug counseling helps educate, encourage, and support families  in their attempts to develop new thoughts, new attitudes, and new behaviors, which can be extremely difficult without expert help. Our counselors are highly experienced in all levels of addiction treatment and counseling and get involved from the beginning of treatment, even as detoxification is taking place.

Families Benefit from Alcohol and Drug Addiction Counseling

Because Las Vegas Recovery Center understands that the success of an individual’s long-term recovery is heavily influenced by the family’s involvement, we place special emphasis on family addiction counseling through a free family support group and a four-day Family Renewal Program. The recovery support group is open to any family member seeking recovery and provides identification, support, and solutions by a trained family recovery counselor. Our Family Renewal Program is highly regarded and receives referrals from many local agencies outside LVRC. The fees for our treatment programs include participation in the Family Renewal Program for two family members. Addiction has been called a “family disease” because it can have consequences for the entire family. Addiction can erode trust and build ongoing resentment. If family members don’t understand that addiction is a  disease , they may believe an addicted loved one chooses bad behavior and doesn’t care about the consequences. Once family members learn that addiction robs individuals of their ability to make sane, sound choices, they often begin to feel compassion rather than anger, and they become willing to change some of their own behaviors to help their loved ones recover.

Family Drug Counseling Through Our Highly Regarded Program

Facilitated by Las Vegas Recovery Center’s award-winning Medical Director and author, Mel Pohl, MD, FASAM; Consulting Psychologist and author, Robert Hunter, PhD; and Family Services Manager, Hortensia DeJesus, BA, CADC, the Family Renewal Program provides comprehensive information and support to family members who are faced with  addiction in their loved ones. The program provides expert family addiction counseling by educating families and facilitating discussion about the disease of addiction, appropriate boundaries, effective communication, codependency, and enabling. Each day educational lectures are presented by our team of addiction experts and are followed by process groups that allow participants in the program to discuss their personal concerns and ask questions without their loved ones present. Families who attend this program are given tools to begin their own process of discovery and recovery. Participants in our Family Renewal Program gain an understanding of their role in the recovery of a loved one and learn to focus on the future health of their family.