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When dealing with a substance abuse issue, it can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. However, with the proper therapy, you can find your way to a better future. There are so many therapies that you may wonder which one is best for you or how each one works. Dialectical behavior therapy is one of the treatments that are successful in helping those with substance abuse issues. You may have heard of dialectical behavior therapy buta woman talking to her doctor in dialectical behavior therapy have not been sure about how it works. This therapy is unique because it is based on how opposing forces can work together for the overall good. Hence, the term dialectics. There are three core principles to dialectical behavior therapy, which are:

  • Everything is interconnected.
  • You cannot avoid change.
  • Opposites or opposing forces may be integrated to discover a greater truth.

The goal of a dialectical behavior therapy program is to help people get better control over their lives by helping them with their emotions and behavior. Dialectical behavior therapy is a cognitive-based therapy that incorporates three main strategies.


A technique that will be very critical to your success in recovery is mindfulness. Mindfulness can be defined as living in the moment and taking in the issues as they come. Many people don’t pay close attention to all the emotions, senses, and feelings that they are experiencing as they happen. In other words, they live life without understanding the different situations that could be triggering them. Practicing mindfulness helps you become aware of all the different emotions that come and go throughout the day.

Distress Toleration

When participating in dialectical behavior therapy in Las Vegas, you will also learn how to tolerate distressing situations. This can be a tough one for many people who have learned to avoid difficult situations. It’s common to run away from distress or to numb out painful emotions. With dialectical behavior therapy, you can overcome issues that are distressing and learn to tolerate them.

Interpersonal Assertiveness

Many people struggle with interpersonal assertiveness. It is something that affects not just personal relationships, but how effective you can communicate at work. If you’re like this, you may find it difficult to tell others how you feel or to tell others “no.” This can lead to you getting walked on or taken advantage of, which can result in resentfulness. Also, you may become co-dependent or, at the very least, be involved in a toxic relationship.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy At Las Vegas Recovery Center

Seek dialectical behavior therapy in Las Vegas, where compassionate clinicians will customize a treatment plan that addresses your core issues of mental health and substance abuse. At Las Vegas Recovery Center, we offer a wide range of quality programs that will get you on the right path for healing.

With proper treatment, you can become more centered and overcome the issues you are facing. Our clinicians have experience dealing with a variety of issues involving mental health and substance use.

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We will combine therapy and treatment so you can find peace of mind in recovery. Some of the treatments we offer include:

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