Navigating the Recovery Path that Best Leads to Your Success

Las Vegas Recovery Center is committed to your recovery. Our innovative Chronic Pain Recovery Program helps individuals overcome their discomfort and regain mobility without habit-forming drugs. For those with substance use problems, LVRC has a full-continuum of addiction treatment programs that are Joint Commission accredited and have proven to be successful. Levels of Care


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Chronic Pain Recovery Programs

Our Pain Recovery Program works with individuals who want to find freedom from the use of opiates to manage chronic pain. Our outcome reports show that our abstinence-based, holistic approach to treatment not only reduces pain over time, but also helps to improve our clients’ quality of life in several areas. Our Pain Recovery Services range from Detox—to safely remove all opiates from your system—to Inpatient Care—where the skills learned in treatment are practiced and reinforced. Throughout every level of care, your treatment team works closely with you on two very specific goals:

  • We’ll help you get off all habit-forming prescription drugs, and develop a better personal strategy to manage your chronic pain issues
  • You’ll take part in a functional restorative program that helps you re-engage in the physical activities of daily life

Addiction Treatment Programs

The disease of addiction can ruin lives and tear families apart. Our evidence-based Addiction Treatment Program starts working the moment someone asks for help. Our program offers Detox and Inpatient Residential Treatment levels of care. Through our holistic rehabilitation program, clients will gain exposure to several therapy approaches and enhanced recovery services. The goal of this program is to understand the underlying reasons that led to or supported your addiction, and learn to live a life of recovery that isn’t defined by drugs.

All Under One Roof

While each of our effective treatment programs share a campus, housing, dining facilities, amenities and some program activities, each has a distinct approach. After completing our Inpatient Pain Recovery Program, clients enter our Intensive Outpatient Program, which allows them to continue pain recovery treatment outside the facility. LVRC also offers sober-living housing in our beautiful Rehmar Recovery Residence. After outpatient treatment, all LVRC clients have the opportunity to participate in our robust alumni programming. Additionally, recovery check-up calls are made to provide additional support during early recovery. Family therapy and our unique Family Renewal Program are core parts of all care at LVRC. Learning to understand and change home behaviors is part of what keeps recovery on track. Explore our videos and infographic to learn more about what we can offer you. You’ll also hear testimonies from real LVRC clients. Get a glimpse into daily life at LVRC and see just how passionate we are about helping you make recovery a reality.

Call Las Vegas Recovery. Let’s talk about how we can get your recovery started.