Keep in mind that while a client is here his/her goal should be to concentrate on what needs to change in his/her life; therefore some of the things that are not allowed are to keep distractions to a minimum. The following list contains items that a client is not allowed to have and will be held for that client until he/she leaves treatment, with the exception of drugs or paraphernalia which will be destroyed. The list is not all inclusive – staff has final approval on whether something is that may not be on this list.

  • Weapons or objects fashioned for use as a weapon (mace, knives, scissors, full razorblades or razors with removable blades, etc.)
  • Any drugs (prescription drugs must be managed by the medical staff) to include alcohol and drug paraphernalia.
  • Perfume/cologne, hairspray, nail polish remover, mouthwash, aftershave, self-tanner, hair dye and any other products containing alcohol are not allowed in the facility.
  • Any products in aerosol containers such as hairspray or deodorant. Non-aerosol, non-alcohol containing hairsprays and deodorants are appropriate to bring to treatment.
  • Cellular phones, pagers, playing cards, laptop computers, game boys, CDs, DVDs, and personal DVD/CD players.
    • At the primary counselor’s discretion a client may be able to utilize personal CD players as their treatment progresses. This is decided on a case-by case-basis.
  • IPODs will be considered contraband if they have any audio recording capability. IPODs without audio recording capability may be utilized between the hours of 9pm and 9am and when utilizing gym equipment at S.P.O.R.T.S. Abuse of this privilege may result in the IPOD being locked up in contraband.
  • Purses, hand bags, pocket books.
  • Any revealing clothing (low-cut shirts, tight-fitting clothing, tube tops, very short shorts, high heels, etc.) or clothing with any sexual, alcoholic, drug or gambling logos.
  • Reading material is not recommended as this could deter someone from his/her writing assignments and recovery literature.
  • Pornographic materials and/or materials where the primary focus is sexual in nature.
  • Cars are not allowed on premises due to limited parking at our facility, so you will need to have transportation arranged prior to arrival at Las Vegas Recovery Center. If transportation is a problem for you or your family member, do not be afraid to ask our Admissions Counselor for arrangements for an airport pick up or any other accommodations you may need.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above policies, please speak with an Admissions Counselor.