Personal Property Valuables – The value of individual items that we hold for a client in contraband is not to exceed $500.00 (this will include CD players, no cash is allowed in contraband, etc.) Any items exceeding this amount will be kept in our administrative safe and arrangements will be made with the client’s family to pick them up. Please do not bring any expensive jewelry or any valuable items not necessary for treatment. Cash – Client Incidental Funds is an account that can be developed for a client to keep money on hand during his/her stay at Las Vegas Recovery Center. There is a maximum amount of $25 a client can have on his/her person at one time. Any additional monies will be deposited into the Client Incidental Fund. Each client will have a running ledger to balance all deposits and withdrawals made on this account. As a client progresses into longer lengths of stay, some items from the above contraband list may be allowed if the client is participating in his/her program and receives approval from his/her primary counselor. Additional Items – Any items that a client forgets to bring when admitted or additional items he/she needs may be dropped off by a loved one, only with prior approval and scheduling by the client’s primary counselor. Search Directly following admission, Las Vegas Recovery Center staff will conduct a search of all clothing and bags belonging to the client. Las Vegas Recovery Center staff will not touch the client or conduct a search of the client’s body. Clients with long hair will be asked to shake hair out; clients with wigs will be asked to remove them for inspection. Las Vegas Recovery Center reserves the right to search client rooms and clothing at any time during the course of admission. Full cooperation is imperative; searches help to ensure everyone’s safety. Phone Usage Policy The following telephone guidelines are to assist you in your transition into treatment, ensure your safety, and to help you focus on your treatment while limiting outside distractions.

  • Clients are not eligible for phone calls during their time in Detox, AND Clients are not eligible for phone calls during the first two weeks (14 days) of their treatment in Rehab or the Chronic Pain Program. This is to allow clients to focus on their treatment.
  • All phone calls will be facilitated by the counseling staff during treatment
    • Once eligible for phone calls clients will be allowed a maximum of two (2) personal phone calls per week Call times will be between 9am on Mondays and 6pm on Fridays. All calls must be facilitated by the client’s primary counselor. Calls may be a maximum of 10 minutes.
    • No phone calls will be allowed between 6pm Friday night and 9am Monday morning.
    • Calls to sponsors must be coordinated with your primary counselor and do not count towards your two (2) personal phone call allotment.
    • Emergencies will be dealt with on a case by case basis by your primary counselor.
  • Lack of group and treatment participation will result in the loss of phone privileges.
  • Incoming phone calls will not be permitted unless there is an emergency.
  • Cell phones are not permitted and will be kept in contraband.

Visiting Visiting hours: Sundays between 2:00pm and 4:00pm. Visitation on Family Weekend is between 4:00pm and 5:00pm. Please check with your primary counselor to verify the upcoming date of this event.

  • Your family is an important part of your recovery and may visit upon approval from Primary Counselor and Clinical Programs Director.
  • Clients are not eligible for visits during their time in Detox, AND Clients are not eligible for visits during the first week (7 days) of their treatment in Rehab or the Chronic Pain Program. This is to allow clients to focus on their treatment.
    • Visitors must attend Friday Family Support Groups or the Family Renewal Program and one (1) staff family meeting prior to any visitation with the client.
    • If visitors are coming from out-of-town attendance will at the client’s primary counselor’s discretion.
  • Family visits are limited to the dining room.
  • Visitors may smoke in the gazebo only.
  • All visitors will sign a confidentiality statement upon arrival and be expected to maintain client confidentiality
  • Only four (4) visitors per client will be allowed per visit.
  • All visitors are at the Primary Counselor or Clinical Programs Director’s discretion. Lack of group and treatment participation will result in the loss of visitation privileges.
    • Visits are limited to immediate family unless primary counselor deems exception is warranted.
    • Unapproved visitors will not be allowed in the facility.
  • Pocketbooks, purses, cell phones, etc., are not allowed in the facility during visitation.
  • Family sessions pertaining to treatment will be arranged by your primary counselor with your permission.
  • Visitors who are suspected under the influence will not be allowed on the property.
  • Visitors who act inappropriately will be asked to leave and may lose their visitation privileges.
  • Any belongings brought by family members must have pre- approval of staff and be checked in by staff.
  • Clients are to remain in east/west pod until visitors are admitted through reception area. Walking to gate with guests upon entrance or exit is not allowed.

Visitation rules are subject to change without notice. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above policies, please speak with an Admission Counselor.