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Las Vegas Recovery Center and Behavioral Healthcare Options – BHO

As with many managed care providers, Behavior Healthcare Options (BHO) manages mental health benefits for a variety of insurance providers across Nevada. This company providers management of benefits for those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. Many treatment centers are equipped to treat a variety of mental health diagnosis and substance use disorders options covered by BHO. Coverage at LVRC for Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO) policyholders includes a host of programs and services. These include programs such as Medical Detox to ensure our clients are safely and comfortably separated from the habit-forming substance. Other programs include other inpatient drug rehabilitation programs like Residential treatment. Outpatient coverage is also a part of BHO policyholders’ benefits. These programs consist of Partial Hospitalization (Day Treatment), Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient services.

Will Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO) Cover My Drug or Alcohol Rehab?

Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO) drug and alcohol rehab benefits can vary from policy to policy. Since Las Vegas Recovery Center is a contracted provider for BHO, we have established a good relationship that assists our clients to receive the right addiction treatment at the right time. LVRC’s relationship with Behavioral Healthcare Options spans nearly 15 years. Each of our clients receives a full assessment to assist our clinical and medical staff to recommend the right program. Whether you are struggling with alcohol addiction, prescription drugs or other addictive substances, we can ensure you receive the treatment you or your loved one needs. How long you will be in treatment has many factors that include your type of BHO policy, your unique history and medical needs. Las Vegas Recovery Center continually updates BHO on your progress to ensure seamless and high-quality care

Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO) and LVRC’s Medical Detox Program

Medical Detox is often a necessary step for BHO policyholders before therapeutic treatment for drugs and/or alcohol can be effective. Las Vegas Recovery Center staffs a full medical team that will complete an initial assessment so a plan to safely and comfortably remove alcohol and drugs from your body can be developed. How long a person is in Medical Detox various due to a variety of factors. Age, length of addiction, overall physical health and previous medical detoxes are a few of the factors that can impact your overall experience. LVRC provides a variety of medications and services to limit negative physical and emotional discomfort during detox. Each day our medical team will evaluate you or your loved to ensure our interventions are effective. The ultimate goal is to end your physical dependence on drugs and/or alcohol.

Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO) and Inpatient Addiction Recovery Treatment

Inpatient addiction treatment for BHO policyholders can vary. LVRC offers (2) distinct inpatient programs. Medically Managed inpatient treatment is designed to provide behavioral health care simultaneously with chronic or acute health conditions. Residential treatment is designed to focus solely on treating addiction to drugs or alcohol with therapeutic services.

Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO) and Medically Managed Inpatient Addiction Recovery Treatment

Some BHO policyholders may have benefits that cover Medically Managed Inpatient addiction treatment. This type of program combines high-quality medical care with cutting edge behavior therapy that reduces hospital admissions that can interrupt addiction treatment. Abusing drugs or alcohol over long periods of time can have an impact on our bodies and create or exacerbate health conditions. It is vitally important these health conditions are managed while receiving addiction therapy.

Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO) and Residential Addiction Recovery Treatment

Some BHO policyholders may have benefits that cover Residential Treatment. This addiction treatment program is designed for those who have don’t have chronic medical conditions and have completed a medical detox. Clients in our residential addiction programs live on-site for the duration of their treatment stay. For those who don’t require a medical detox, beginning the program will require an assessment so we may communicate with BHO for authorizations and approvals. By receiving authorizations for residential treatment, we prevent large, unexpected out of pocket expenses.

Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO) and Outpatient Addiction Recovery Treatment

Outpatient treatment comes in many forms. BHO policyholders may have benefits for Partial Hospitalization Programs, Intensive Outpatient services or Outpatient services. Each of these programs provides different levels of intensity to ensure your addiction to drugs or alcohol is treated in the appropriate clinical setting.

Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO) and Partial Hospitalization (PHP) Addiction Treatment at LVRC

Partial Hospitalization for alcoholism or drug addiction, also known as PHP, is the highest level of outpatient care available. PHP provides daily care at LVRC for up to 8 hours while allowing you to return home or to a structured Recovery Residence or sober living. If this benefit is available on your BHO policy, we can discuss the details after your free insurance verification by our admissions office. Clients must meet certain criteria to directly enter this program as well as receive the proper authorization from BHO. PHP is also used once one of LVRC’s inpatient programs is completed.

Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP) Addiction Treatment at LVRC

Intensive Outpatient addiction therapy is comprised of weekly group therapy sessions including, weekly individual sessions and joint family groups. LVRC offers daytime group sessions as well as nighttime group sessions that allow our clients to work or attend school and spend time with their families. As with PHP, Las Vegas Recovery Center has specific criteria to enter this program. To find out more please contact our admissions office at 844.332.2076. Our admissions counselors will verify your benefits and discuss your unique needs.

Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO) and Outpatient (OP) Addiction Treatment

Outpatient or OP addiction treatment for alcoholism or drug addiction is the lowest level of care LVRC offers. Outpatient, if a covered benefit by your BHO policy, consists of (1) weekly group therapy session and (1) individual session per month. Most of our clients who enter this program have completed our Intensive Outpatient Program are months into their newfound recovery from addiction.

Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO) Insurance and Rehab

It is important to utilize your BHO network insurance with addiction treatment programs that are in-network. This means that Las Vegas Recovery Center has worked closely with BHO to established reduce rates for our levels of care. By doing so both LVRC and BHO reduce any out of pocket expenses. Most BHO policies have yearly deductibles that need to be met. Our admissions office will help you understand more about your policy and what to expect before entering treatment. As with most in-network health insurance, it is vital we obtain authorizations prior to the start of your treatment program. By doing so we prevent large unexpected bills for our clients.

Will I Have A Copay or Coinsurance for Drug or Alcohol Rehab?

Your copay or coinsurance depends on the type of BHO policy you have. Our Admissions Office will provide a free benefit verification to provide a more accurate picture of your out of pocket expense before you enter our treatment programs for alcohol or drugs.

Out-of-Network Rehab with Behavioral Healthcare Options (BHO)

Many treatment providers do not meet BHO’s strict criteria to become an in-network provider. Those that don’t may accept BHO insurance but are considered Out-of-Network. That means that your copays or coinsurance will be much higher. It is not uncommon to see BHO members required to pay 50% of any charges. This can create a massive financial burden most families can’t take on, ultimately preventing addiction care when it is needed the most.