Las Vegas Recovery Center and our family of companies is fully committed to the confidentiality and privacy of every client with whom we have contact, along with their families, loved ones, friends, and associates. We believe the bond of trust established by this confidentiality is an essential element for those seeking life-saving treatment and recovery. The United States Federal Government has established a number of laws safeguarding and preventing the unauthorized release of confidential healthcare information. These laws can be found in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 42 and most recently in the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). We believe that a higher standard is appropriate. Our commitment to clients’ confidentiality transcends and exceeds these laws on a daily basis. At every level of our organization, this commitment is instilled into every one of our employees and we expect a complete commitment to our clients’ privacy from everyone. We are dedicated to preserving clients’ RIGHT to privacy, both legally and ethically, during a time in which clients are pursuing the most noble and most difficult of aspirations – positive change. We are doing our part. We ask all of our clients to do the same for each other. No one has the right to take clients’ confidentiality and privacy from anyone; we request that clients extend the same courtesy to each other. We ask clients to help provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere of recovery for those starting this journey. If you choose Las Vegas Recovery Center as your treatment provider, you will be each other’s support group, friends, loved ones, and fellowship. What you see at Las Vegas Recovery Center, what you hear at Las Vegas Recovery Center, who you meet at Las Vegas Recovery Center-when you leave here Las Vegas Recovery Center-let it stay at Las Vegas Recovery Center. Someone’s livelihood, friends, family, and very life may depend upon this bond of trust and confidentiality. We understand clients’ concern about privacy and confidentiality as it relates to twelve-step fellowships. We know. We have been there. While there are no laws preventing members from talking about other members and Las Vegas Recovery Center and its family of companies has no control over the twelve-step communities, our personal experiences have been nothing but positive. It is our commitment that while under our care, we will endeavor to only expose our clients to healthy meetings with mature recovering members who all respect others in recovery, and are there for the same reason you are to recover from addiction. If you still have concerns as to privacy and confidentiality, then your Primary Counselor or the Clinical Director will work with you on alternate ways to experience some aspects of the twelve-step approach. Confidentiality and privacy are not abstract ideas or plaques on the wall. We focus on our clients’ right to have a private, confidential, and safe environment so that they may keep their focus on making deep and lasting changes and beginning the recovery process. That is our commitment to you.