Imagine a life free from drugs and alcohol. A life where you enjoy your family, friends, and social activities – all with out needing to be high or intoxicated. It happens everyday – we are lucky to help those individual who want to live clean get clean! Even the person who has been addicted for years to pain killers, or the person suffering from unbelievable chronic pain, even methadone addicts can recover. Do not be fooled recovery is not just for the down and out person. Professionals, doctors, lawyers, blue collar workers, collage students, mothers and fathers – all are afflicted with addiction. You can stop today! You can choose to live differently right now. Las Vegas Recovery Center wants to help you discover a new way to live! We will hold your hand and make this transition as comfortable as possible. Begin – discover – Start your New Life Today!

The Journey of Discovery and Recovery Begins with Our Abstinence-Based Chronic Pain Treatment and Addiction Treatment Programs

Through a full continuum of carefully designed treatment programs for chronic pain and addiction, our aim is to foster a positive environment that promotes awareness and understanding. Our treatment programs equip each of our clients with the tools necessary for navigating through many of life’s future challenges, guiding each of them on a journey towards discovery and long-term recovery. Together with our clients, we achieve real recovery results that will not only help them find freedom from active addiction and chronic pain, but will also show them how to rebuild their lives, restore broken families, and realize lost dreams.

We believe in clinical excellence and customer service.

All of Las Vegas Recovery Center’s innovative addiction treatment and chronic pain treatment programs are anchored by our world-renowned inpatient treatment center. Led by award-winning Doctor and Author, Mel Pohl, MD, FASAM, we are committed to providing dignified and effective chronic pain treatment and addiction treatment programs to individuals along with support services for families and concerned others.

While all of our treatment programs offer each of our clients the opportunity to participate in a collaborative effort of discovery and recovery, each treatment program is tailored to the individual needs of each client, with no two programs alike. Las Vegas Recovery Center’s inpatient treatment programs offer clients twenty-four hour medical attention provided by highly skilled nurses, MDs, PhDs and psychiatric professionals. Clients entering any Las Vegas Recovery Center program will be treated by a compassionate, multidisciplinary team consisting of hand-selected practitioners who support recovery of the mind, body, and spirit.

Treatment and Recovery Programs:

Research-based, best practices and principles make up the foundation of our treatment programs which address all mood- or mind-altering substances and secondary process (behavioral) addictions.

  • Chronic Pain Treatment Program
  • Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment Programs
    • Substance Abuse and Addiction Treatment – Withdrawal and Detox
    • Substance Abuse and Addiction Inpatient Treatment
    • Substance Abuse and Addiction Outpatient Treatment
    • Adolescent Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program
  • Rehmar Recovery Residences
  • Family Renewal Program
  • Alumni Program
  • Testimonials
  • Admissions