Las Vegas Recovery Center is passionate about providing dignified and effective treatment for addiction, chronic pain, and mental health issues to individuals, their families and other loved ones. We accomplish this by providing a full range of treatment and recovery services. Our goal is to help our clients realize their potential and experience health, wellness and recovery.


To offer the highest quality of care for our clients, while continuing to expand our services without compromising our integrity, dedication to our clients, or our commitment to their health, wellness, and recovery.


Clients – Our client’s always come first. Customer Service – We have an uncompromising determination to provide the highest level of care, attention, and treatment for our clients, their families, and other loved ones. Passion – We believe the the key to our success is the passion and commitment our staff exhibit when working with our clients, their families, and other loved ones. Integrity – We expect our staff to maintain the highest ethical standards in everything they do at work and in their personal lives. The private and confidential information our clients entrust is with is sacrosanct. To Breach this trust would be unthinkable. Excellence – We embrace effective evidence-based treatment and recovery options. This includes the time tested 12-step approach, as well as others that produce good outcomes. The level at which we involve our clients’ families and/or loved ones in recovery makes us a truly unique and effective program.

Clinical excellence and Customer service.

Due to the fact that we are a relatively small treatment center, Las Vegas Recovery Center has the ability to focus on individualized care. Our philosophy is clinical excellence and customer service.

The Four Points of Balance

Pain Recovery is grounded in balancing the individual physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. This framework creates awareness of the aspects of oneself that when unbalanced leads to problems in life. The four points of balance is used to help people identify the areas where imbalance has caused unmanageability in their lives and with their families. Finding recovery requires paying attention to every point and the effect each has on the others. Additionally, a person’s relationships and actions are a reflection of his or her internal state of balance. Chronic pain is a manifestation of imbalance, typically physical, but also mental, emotional, and spiritual. Developing an awareness of the points and applying the necessary corrections to bring them back into balance is where the solutions to chronic pain and other life challenges lie. As a result of finding balance in Pain Recovery, a person’s pain levels often diminish.

Our Approach to Chronic Pain Treatment: Pain Recovery vs. Pain Management

Pain management typically involves the use of opiate medications. Painkillers can be quite effective in temporarily diminishing pain, but for some people, there is a risk of developing serious side effects and drug dependency. Over time, with some patients, the amount of opiate pain medication is increased with initial pain relief, but without prolonged pain resolution. With these individuals, the dose continues to escalate with continued unrelenting pain and decreasing function. Las Vegas Recovery Center provides safe detoxification for clients who have been on long-term opiate therapy and/or other habit-forming medications. After detox, clients then begin treatment to address their physical and emotional pain. Our multidisciplinary team will review a potential pain recovery candidate to determine whether we are the appropriate facility for that patient. Las Vegas Recovery Center is proud to introduce the concept of pain recovery, which helps the patient by reducing the physical symptoms and teaching the patient how to manage suffering.

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